Apple iPhone 8 News, release date, price, specs and rumors

New images provide further evidence of wireless charging, while other recent leaks help answer questions such as is the fingerprint sensor still a part of the phone? And will it really come in a ‘blush gold’ color?

iPhone 8 is Apple’s tenth anniversary smartphone that’s poised to celebrate 2017 with radical changes. It’s about time, as we haven’t seen a new look in three years of minor upgrades, so prepare to be wowed.

Tim Cook will wave around the all-new phone in just a few weeks, according to all of the latest iPhone 8 leaks. But what’s true and what’s hopeful thinking?

We’re sorting through all of the rumors to deliver the facts and cut through the far-fetched speculation, from the always-changing release date theories to the all-important iPhone 8 price.

Let’s review every major iPhone 8 rumor so far.

The iPhone 8 name

The most immediate change is to the name: iPhone 8 is the default name we’re using, but it could be iPhone X or iPhone Edition. Why? This is way bigger than a modest iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus refresh that’s still said to be on the way.

iPhone 8 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Apple’s smartphone (Photo Credit: KK Sneak Leaks)
Every iPhone 8 rumor really gives us a sense that Apple is overhauling its phone with at least one premium design – what we’re calling the iPhone 8 – while also providing a basic specs bump for a slightly thicker glass iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. Yes, that would mean three new iPhone models to choose from at once.

iPhone 8 concept video

The best iPhone 8 concept video out there was supposedly crafted using the specs from the same factory making the new phone.

It looks very real, and we see every angle of the purported iPhone 8 in this new video from Tiger Mobiles and OnLeaks, but keep in mind it’s built based on existing leaked specs, not an actual leaked handset. It’s not a real iPhone 8 prototype, but the next best thing.

After this leak, a number of dummy units were shown off by a variety of video producers and you can watch one of them below. For example, the video below from Marques Brownlee shows a non-working unit of what we think may be the iPhone 8.

There’s a fake screen in this video for illustration purposes, but it shows off the glass back, full-screen front and dual-camera on the rear of the phone.

Let’s keep exploring every feature of the iPhone 8 point-by-point.

iPhone 8 leak straight from Apple

Straight from Apple’s own early HomePod firmware, iOS app developers have uncovered an icon for the all-screen display. It the closest we have to official iPhone 8 design confirmation from Apple so far.

The same Apple source code also points to something called ‘Face ID,’ which could take the place of the fingerprint sensor (or be an addition to it). It may be the new way to unlock your phone now that the 5.8-inch display doesn’t have room for a Touch ID home button.

We talk more about these screen and fingerprint sensor changes below.

iPhone 8 release date

Hottest leaks:

  • iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus: September 2017 launch
  • iPhone 8 (all-screen): Slightly later October 2017 date

The iPhone 8 release date is the routine new iPhone rumor we expect to stay the same every year, but Apple may do something different here, too.

Apple has launched a new iPhone in September every year since the iPhone 5 in 2012. September iPhone launches have a consistent track record.

iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus may still launch in September sporting a worthy, but ultimately predictable design and features upgrade.

But iPhone 8 may deviate from this plan, launching a little bit later (still before Black Friday and Cyber Monday) due to reported production delays.

We still expect Apple to have an iPhone launch event around September 8 and ship the 7S phones one week after CEO Tim Cook first holds them up in the air.

But you may wait a few weeks for that snazzy iPhone 8’s all-screen AMOLED display due to supply constraints, according to Bloomberg.

October or November may be the official release date window, according to recent rumors. Though Apple’s latest earnings call forecasts a strong quarter through to the end of September, which suggests that September is when we’ll get the iPhone 8.

TechRadar’s take: Right now, the iPhone 8 release date is all a guessing game. Some analystssay September, and days later others swear by a delay.

We keep hearing the disheartening rumor that Apple won’t have iPhone 8 ready at the same time as the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, but we’re still expecting a September launch event with all three phones present. You just might not be able to buy the iPhone 8 (the phone you really want) a later date, like in October.

  • Will the iPhone 8 launch really be later than usual?

Want the latest iPhone 8 rumors? Check out our video below

iPhone 8 price

Hottest leaks:

  • iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus may cost the same
  • Prepare for iPhone 8 to cost at least $100 more

The iPhone 8 price may throw us for a curve ball since Apple is planning an all-new smartphone design. In other words, bring extra money on launch day.

iPhone 7S may cost the same as the the iPhone 7: $649 in the US, £599 in the UK and AU$1,079 in Australia. It hasn’t changed in the US in almost a decade, and it just recently went up in the UK (last year) and Australia (two years ago).

Credit: Reddit/kamikasky

The iPhone 7S Plus price is also not expected to change based on the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus just saw a price hike (even in the US) to $769, £719 and AU$1,269. We don’t need another price increase.

Instead, Apple may launch an iPhone 8 Edition with a fancy all-screen display using an OLED panel (instead of LCD). That could send the bill of sale (for the parts) up 67%, and that expense may get passed onto you, the consumer.

Current rumors suggest this model could start as high as $1,100 (around £845/AU$1380), but we’re expecting the price to be a little lower.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus costs $825 in the US, £779.99 in the UK and AU$1,349 in Australia. This gives us an idea of what Apple could be thinking.

iPhone 8 screen and size

Hottest leaks:

  • 5.8-inch screen that stretches from edge-to-edge
  • No top bezel or home button below – it’s all screen
  • Switching from LCD to an richer AMOLED display

The iPhone 8 screen may radically change in size and shape, and it’s about time for something bigger and more stylish than an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus-era display.

Get ready for a 5.8-inch AMOLED display, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. It’s said to sport a slight 2.5D curved, but nothing too different from iPhone 7. It won’t be as sloped as Samsung’s curved edges.

It’s a big switch from 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones that use LCD displays. It can deliver better contrast, more vibrant colors and include a battery-saving always-on display. It’s also better suited for VR and AR.

Don’t worry, even with a dramatically bigger screen size, the phone body won’t be so big in your hand. In fact, it may be smaller the current iPhone 7 Plus.

How will it be a smaller phone yet have a bigger display?

iPhone 8 is likely to wipe away the top bezel (around the earpiece) making it all screen, and do the same by axing the physical home button. It’s a lot like we saw with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

That said, some rumors show a lip of bezel coming down from the top, containing the earpiece, front-facing LED flash and camera, in a similar fashion to the Essential Phone.

Credit: TechTastic

You may have heard different iPhone 8 rumors, like ones that claim Apple’s new phone will have a higher resolution than Samsung’s phones. Keep in mind this could be partially true, but based on one of ten prototypes Apple is said to be considering.

Interestingly, Samsung is said to be supplying the OLED screens, beating out Sharp, which was once rumored for the job. Samsung may be able to deliver more curved screen in time.

Just so it’s clear: you might not see the fancy, new OLED display on every iPhone 2017 model due to supply issues. Thus, Apple may include it on just one iPhone 8 version.

No iPhone 8 home button

Hottest leaks:

  • All-screen design has no room for a physical home button
  • Instead, an on-screen home button will take its place
  • Big mystery: What happens to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor?

The big iPhone 8 screen means big changes for Apple’s classic home button. It’s being replaced by an on-screen button, according to years of rumors.

No physical home button isn’t a big of a surprise. But what happens to the important Touch ID fingerprint sensor you use to unlock your phone?

Four predictions, some based on leaks and others on Apple patents, give us an idea what the iPhone 8 fingerprint sensor replacement will look like.

  1. The Touch ID sensor will be embedded into the screen
  2. It’ll be located on the back, like the Samsung Galaxy S8
  3. It’ll be on the side sleep/wake button, like some Sony phones
  4. There’s no fingerprint sensor at all, relying on 3D face unlock

The first choice, having the sensor beneath the glasses, is what everyone wants. But it’s unclear if Apple can successfully engineer this unproven tech in time. All of the dummy unit leaks and confident words by Apple blogger John Gruber won’t mean a thing if Apple can’t get the sensor to be nearly 100% accurate. This is likely why the iPhone 8 delay rumors persist. The most recent rumors suggest Apple has run out of time to perfect the tech this year.

The second choice is in line with Samsung having trouble fitting the fingerprint sensor inside of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus glass. It had to awkwardly stick it on the back of the phone. Apple’s logo could double as a fingerprint sensor, but, truthfully, no one like this idea.

Below you can see a photo from a Foxconn factory – the company that manufacturers the iPhone – which claims to show the iPhone 8 with a Touch ID sensor on the rear. We’re currently uncertain if we can trust the source, but it looks to be real and may show one of our first looks at the rear sensor on the iPhone 8.

The third choice has a patent backing it up, and, to us, moving the sensor to the sleep/wake button makes sense. It’s easier to reach than the back of the phone. We won’t rule this one out just yet, even if there are no other leaks attached to it.

There were iPhone rumors of a ‘function area’ akin to the MacBook Pro, but the reports of this all-screen-defeating design have dried up.

The fourth choice, having no fingerprint scanner, would be a major shake-up for the iPhone 8. But Apple has new tech on the way, bringing us to our next point.

3D face-scanning sensor

Hottest leaks:

  • Face unlock is a new way to bypass the lock screen
  • 3D sensor to be more secure than Samsung’s Face Unlock
  • May be the only way to unlock your phone without a passcode
  • HomePod code mentions possible iPhone 8 “look to silence” command

Giving the iPhone 8 an even more futuristic vibe, Apple is said to be readying a 3D face-scanning sensor to unlock your iPhone 8.

It’s either in place of or in addition to Touch ID. A face scanner is another feature Samsung tried to make work, but it turned out to be less secure. Apple may give it a go with the iPhone 8 using a much more advanced 3D sensor.

However, according to one source, Apple is having trouble perfecting the software. This could mean the face scanning tech will be built into the iPhone 8, but the feature might only be enabled after launch, sort of like we had to wait for Portrait mode with the iPhone 7 Plus.

We’ve also seen evidence that the feature’s going to work even if your phone is lying flat on a surface.

Silencing your phone, even with an iPhone, can be a bit of a process. Thankfully, the latest rumor suggests that the iPhone 8 might have a solution for this: the face-scanning camera will is said to let you silence the iPhone 8 just by looking at it.

iPhone 8 camera and AR features

Hottest leaks:

  • A vertically-oriented dual-camera lens
  • Augmented reality features
  • 3D cameras

The iPhone 8 camera “can do extraordinary things,” we fully expect Tim Cook to say on stage come September. “We never thought it possible before today.”

Cook’s ambitious sounding words are inevitable. In his quarterly investor calls, he’s become captivated with the idea of augmented reality (AR), or what Microsoft calls “mixed reality,” (so we fully expect Apple to call it augmented reality instead). We might have just had our first official glimpse at the vertical camera array, as seen on the Foxconn assembly line.

Since then, AR developer tools have come to iOS 11 beta for existing phones. The iPhone 8 could take it one step further.

What can Apple do with AR? You may be able to point your iPhone 8 at an object and have it recognized, claims one source “familiar with the matter.” The camera app may be able to recognize and manipulate faces in the future, too.

Let’s give you a more concrete example (and source). Veteran Apple analyst Gene Munster thinks you’ll be able to find your seats in a crowded stadium or the groceries you need among all of the aisles by looking at your phone.

AR is supposed to map out where you want to go, and combined with Apple Pay, it could be a big winner for the iPhone 8, according to Munster.

“Your phone is slowly going away and being replaced by AR,” he said in an interview with Cheddar. “This is beyond Pokemon.”

AR seems to be the reason why we’ve seen allegedly leaked iPhone 8 schematics with a vertically aligned dual-lens camera on back.

There’s also talk from Korea that Apple is working with LG on a “3D photographing” module for the iPhone 8, which could be used to add three-dimensional effects and work with the rumored augmented reality features.

(Photo Credit: Weibo)

What about your everyday photography? That could be upgraded, too, with the second lens on the dual-lens iPhone 8 gaining optical image stabilization.

There’s also now been a mention of a ‘SmartCam’ feature spotted in the HomePod software. This is believed to be able to automatically recognize scenes and objects and adjust the camera settings accordingly.

We don’t expect a bump beyond the 12MP sweet spot that Apple and other phone manufacturers have found, and don’t look for the dual-lens snapper on the standard iPhone 7S, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. It’s likely to once again be limited to this premium iPhone 8 Edition.

We also don’t expect much change from the front-facing camera resolution, as Apple just upped to 7MP iSight camera for the iPhone 7. But as selfie photos become increasingly important, it could include extra camera focusing tricks to make each and every pixel count.

TechRadar’s take: Apple is giddy with excitement about the prospects of AR, and that may be the hot new camera feature going forward. We already got a big dual-lens camera upgrade last year. It may get better this year, but not be as dramatic of a change. Instead, expect Apple to tout the benefits of augmented reality.

iPhone 8 glass design and wireless charging

Hottest leaks:

  • Goodbye aluminum, hello again glass
  • Glass would enable iPhone 8 wireless charging

Just when Apple nearly perfected the aluminum unibody phone, it’s now expected to be moving to an all-glass design. This is actually great news.

A curved glass back on the iPhone 10th anniversary is for more than looks. It’ll allow for iPhone 8 to wireless charge, as electricity doesn’t pass straight through metal nearly as well. Think about it, all of those wireless charging phones out there have glass or plastic backs.

The CEO of one of Apple’s suppliers has even let wireless charging slip, and a sound file hidden in the iOS 11 beta also points to wireless charging, as does a mention of inductive charging in Apple’s HomePod software, so it looks almost certain that we’ll see it in some form.

We’ve even now seen images of wireless charging components supposedly headed for the iPhone.

Wireless charging components supposedly headed for the iPhone 8

What’s less certain, according to the latest whispers, is whether it’s going to be ready in time for the iPhone’s launch. A delay has been echoed by another source, who says that wireless charging will probably be included, but may only be enabled after launch.

You’ll still see a metal frame, of course, which would give the new phone a look not unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8. One source described the iPhone 8 as having a “glass sandwich design.” Delicious, right?

Hottest leaks:

  • Four iPhone 8 colors could include mirror-like finish
  • “Blush gold” could be a new color option
  • The rumored white color is in doubt

There may be new iPhone 8 colors on the horizon, namely there’s talk of a fresh mirror-like finish to at least one of the colors, according to one leaker.

Could this be the hot new iPhone color? (Photo Credit: Benjamin Geskin)

The return of colors like black and rose gold are expected, and then there’s the one-again, off-again rumor that Apple could debut an all-white iPhone 8.

iPhone rumors about the color are generally the last bit of news we hear about right before launch, with one color – usually black – dominating leaks. However, one bit of news that we’ve been hearing is that Apple could release a surprising, new color called Blush Gold. If we had to break it down, we’d say it looks like the rose gold option, but with a tinge of copper added to it for a darker look.

Is iPhone 8 more waterproof?

Hottest leaks:

  • A small jump from IP67 to IP68 to match Samsung
  • Would be able to go 1.5x as deep as iPhone 7

The last major iPhone 8 design rumor is that the new phone could get a little more waterproof. It may jump from an IP67 to IP68 rating, notes The Investor.

Could be more waterproof than the iPhone 7

That means you can submerge it a little deeper into water without (too much) fear of ruining your band new iPhone. We still suggest not testing it.

The difference? iPhone 7 can last 1m (3.3 feet) under water for 30 minutes, while the iPhone 8 would be able to survive 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) under water.

iPhone 8 battery life and USB-C rumors

Hottest leaks:

  • More battery life via bigger capacity, OLED screen
  • Fast charging in addition to wireless charging
  • USB-C could replace Lightning cables

iPhone 8 could feature longer battery life, according one analyst who thinks that Apple may switch to a stacked mainboard internal design.

Photo Credit:

This would open up extra room for a larger capacity iPhone 8 battery, and we already know OLED displays are better a preserving power. When exhibiting blacks, OLED display pixels are essentially turned off.

Apple may phase out the lightning port with the iPhone 8, switching to USB-C, according to several reports. This would match the MacBook and MacBook Pro and might enable faster charging.

TechRadar’s take: More battery life might be the most boring, but meaningful iPhone 8 upgrade. Combined with possibilities of wireless charging, USB-C and fast charging, the iPhone 10th anniversary edition could be one to celebrate.

iPhone 8 specs will make it faster

Hottest leaks:

  • A tiny, but faster 10nm A11 Fusion chipset
  • 3GB of RAM, and 64GB or 256GB of internal storage options

iPhone 8 is undoubtedly going to be faster with an Apple A11 chipset – which may be called A11 Fusion. A quad-core chipset just launched with iPhone 7, so we don’t expect an octa-core chip upgrade just yet.

Yes, octa-core chipsets are all the rage, but Apple has shied away from touting big numbers and instead focused on boosting performance. It’s done just fine.

Credit: Baidu

The same goes for RAM. iPhone 8 may stick with the same 3GB of RAM setup in the iPhone 7 Plus (the iPhone 7 has just 2GB of RAM, so we don’t foresee Apple going to 4GB RAM just yet).

But the 2017 iPhone may go for one smaller number: 10 nanometers. The move from the 16nm A10 Fusion to a 10nm A11 Fusion would make significant gains.

Qualcomm’s 10nm Snapdragon 835 chip, for example, requires less energy and exhibits a performance boost on 16nm chips. Apple will want to rival this chip.

While Apple doesn’t use Qualcomm’s processor, it has used the San Diego firm’s modem. But, as of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it has dual sourced the modem: some from Intel (GSM-only models [AT&T, T-Mobile and almost every other carrier]) and others from Qualcomm (GSM+CDMA [Verizon and Sprint]).

There’s an ongoing lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm for overcharging of standard issue patents, so there’s a chance iPhone 8 could ditch Qualcomm altogether.

Couple this with the fact that Intel just announced a CDMA-capable modem that makes it compatible with Verizon and Sprint in the US, and Qualcomm may have just exiled itself from the new iPhone for 2017.

Graphic chip partner Imagination Technologies is in the same boat soon. Apple informed the British GPU supplier – an Apple partner since the iPhone 1 – that it’ll drop the firm’s graphics chip from the iPhone and iPad in the next two years. So, it’ll still be in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 9, but maybe not the iPhone X.

Some of the phone’s built-in smarts might be powered by a dedicated AI chip – the word on the Cupertino street is that Apple is busy working on an artificial intelligence processor to take the strain of the main CPU and graphics chips.

Finally, we’ve heard that the iPhone 8 might come in just 64GB and 256GB varieties, but that 32GB isn’t being killed off – the less desirable iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus may get 32GB, 128GB and 256GB configurations.

TechRadar’s take: The iPhone 8 is naturally going to be faster, but its speed boost may be wrapped in another quad-core chipset and coupled with 3GB. A lot of the specs depend on whether or not Apple is ready to show us the power of VR and AR.

iPhone 8 rumors we doubt

Hottest leaks:

  • Free AirPods?
  • A Smart Connector

One analyst has suggested Apple will bundle some free AirPods in with the premium iPhone 8 – that would be nice, but we’d recommend you don’t hold your breath on that one.

Credit: @VenyaGeskin1

We might also see a Smart Connector on the iPhone 8. This was rumored for inclusion on the iPhone 7 Pro – a phone which never launched, but with numerous pictures of a phone sporting the Connector it seems likely that Apple really was considering it, so the feature might be ready by next year.

We’ve already seen a Smart Connector on the iPad Pro, where it’s primarily used to attach accessories, like keyboards.

  • Foldable iPhone 8 is farfetched
  • Wireless charging from across the room
  • Bad guy catching thief protection

For every credible iPhone 8 rumor, there are about ten dubious ones floating around the internet. Here are three ‘leaks’ that are farfetched.

Probably not this year, but these patents suggest it’ll come eventually

Apple’s ‘Ferrari’ phone, as the iPhone 8 codename may indeed be, won’t be flexible or even foldable, despite convincing patents. That’s not even iPhone 9 territory – maybe we’ll see this tech emerge for the iPhone 10 or iPhone X.

Apple has also been rumored to be readying wireless charging (true) that works up to 15ft with no contact required between the device and the power source (so far a pipe dream).

It’s not out of the question for the future, though. There’s evidence that Apple has been looking into this tech, with Energous, the company behind it, supposedly working with a “tier 1” smartphone maker. It added that it’s “working with one of the largest consumer electronic companies in the world” and it will be shipping a product by the end of 2017.

Energous has also received a $10 million investment from Dialog Semiconductor, according to BGR, and Dialog just so happens to be a company that works primarily with Apple.

Finally, a future iPhone – not the iPhone 8 – could tighten up security, according to a new Apple patent. It details a system that could get a thief’s fingerprints and photo, as well as recording audio, video and their location. That sounds legally complicated for Apple to do on a global scale, even if it could be a good thing.

More iPhone 8 news to come

There’s so much more to talk about when it comes to the iPhone 8. Apple is finally giving us more than a basic specs update a new feature or two.

The ongoing iOS 11 beta is throwing out hints of what will come in September, and we’re eagerly awaiting Apple employee blackout dates to give us a solid iPhone 8 release date.

We’ll be updating this page every day from now until the Apple launch event, when we expect to go hands-on with the 10th Anniversary iPhone.

There are quite a few iPhone 8 rumors already, but rumors is all they are for now, and there are certain things that we’d like to become fact. From a brand new look to new charging technologies, this is what we want to see.

1. A brand new design

The last three generations of the iPhone have all had a similar look, so it’s high time Apple changed things up.

Rumors point to a glass back and a curved screen on the iPhone 8, which would certainly make for a big change, but whether that or something else we want something new, so we can get excited about the look of the phone and not just the features.

2. A dual-lens camera

The iPhone 7 Plus already has a dual-lens camera and the iPhone 8 Plus is likely to as well, but early rumors suggest the standard iPhone 8 might stick with a single-lens snapper.

iPhone 7 Plus

We hope that’s not true, as the dual-lens camera Apple’s using is one of the most exciting aspects of the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s also a feature that a number of other phones, like the LG G5 and Huawei P9, have, so hopefully the iPhone 8 won’t get left behind.

3. Fast and wireless charging

Fast charging is now a common feature on Android phones, and an extremely useful one at that, yet the iPhone 7 doesn’t have it, so the iPhone 8 really needs to.

Wireless charging isn’t quite as essential, but is another fairly common feature outside Apple land, and given that there’s no longer a headphone port in Apple’s phones you need an adapter if you want to charge and plug a pair in at the same time, but if you could charge wirelessly that would be less of a factor.

4. A big battery boost

Apple improved battery life for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but they still lag behind the longest-lasting handsets around and battery life is a vital aspect of smartphones for many users, so we’d like to see more improvements here for the iPhone 8, even if it means making the phone thicker.

5. Real innovation

There’s the sense that Apple has been playing it safe for the last couple of years, simply refining the iPhone 6 rather than doing much that’s really new.

Arguably the only massive change the company has made is ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack and the jury is still out over whether that’s even a good thing, so we want some major, positive innovation for the iPhone 8.

There’s a good chance we’ll get that too, as the iPhone 8 is going to be marking the phone’s tenth anniversary, so there’s every chance Apple will go all out.

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